FirstWrap commentary – March 2024

Mar 31, 2024

FirstWrap commentary – 31st March 2024

The March quarter saw the ASX200 close 306 points higher at 7,897 points, a 4% increase, extending the market run since November 2023. The Reserve Bank (RBA) held rates at 4.35% stating inflation control is the highest priority. While inflation i

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FirstWrap commentary – 31st December 2023

Dec 31, 2023

FirstWrap commentary – 31st December 2023

The ASX200 closed 553 points higher, a 7.27% increase for the December quarter. With December alone accounting for the bulk of the increase of 515 points. The Reserve Bank (RBA) raised interest rates again in November to 4.35% conceding Austra

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FirstWrap Commentary – June 2023 Quarter

Jun 30, 2023

FirstWrap commentary – June 2023 Quarter

During the quarter the RBA increased the cash rate another 2 times by 0.25% in May and June. This took the RBA cash rate to 4.1%. Inflation remains a concern and will take some time to ease. Over the next 3 to 6 months there will be over 800,000 mortgages

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FirstWrap Commentary – March 2023 Quarter

Mar 31, 2023

FirstWrap commentary – March 2023 Quarter

During the quarter the RBA increased the cash rate another 2 times by 0.25% each time. This was the 10 consecutive rate increase from the RBA taking the cash rate to 3.6%. The April meeting saw rate remain on hold with no increase while the RBA looks for

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FirstWrap Commentary – December 2022 Quarter

Dec 31, 2022

FirstWrap commentary – December 2022 Quarter

The Australian market had a strong quarter with the market finishing up 8.72% for the quarter but down -6.32% for the calendar year. The RBA continued to raise interest rates attempting to control inflation. The Reserve Bank of Australia interest rate

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FirstWrap Investment Strategy – FY18 Review

Jul 15, 2018

The ASX200 index rose 7.6% in a strong quarter to close at 6,195. Australia’s economic outlook continues to improve with growth expected to continue on-trend this year. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) maintained the cash rate at 1.50% p.a. for a record 22 consecutive month. US Stock markets returned to growth this quarter with the DOW increasing 2.7% and th

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Fund in Focus: AMP Core Infrastructure fund

Dec 31, 2016

The AMP Core Infrastructure fund has been a recent addition to the Limberg Asset Management investment models in July 2016. The Infrastructure fund has been included to provide the models with a different asset class that is diversified from traditional equities and bonds. Infrastructure assets traditionally have defensive characteristics as they invest in large

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Fund in Focus: AMP Wholesale Australian Property Fund

Sep 30, 2016

The AMP Wholesale Property fund will be added to the investment models in the near future. The reason for adding this investment is to gain exposure to property. Property traditionally has a low correlation to equities providing diversification with sustainable income from tenants rent and capital growth from quarterly property revaluations.

Fund objective: Th

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Fund in Focus: Australian Ethical – Australian Shares Fund

Jul 14, 2016

Fund in Focus: Australian Ethical – Australian Shares Fund

The Australian Ethical – Australian Shares Fund uses an Ethical Charter to seek out or avoid investments that do not fit within the charter as being socially or ethically responsible. Australian Ethical believes in the transformative power of money to achieve posi

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Magellan Global Equity Fund

Feb 20, 2016

  •  Magellan Global Equity Fund has beaten 99 percent of peers
  • Fund boosted cash `well before any of this turmoil started’Well before things went wrong for global stocks last year, one $9 billion fund manager decided it was time to play safer, and nothing he sees now convinces him to change that call.

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