Managed Discretionary Account (MDA)

Limberg Asset Management offers clients the ability to invest through our MDA investment program. The benefits of a MDA investment program include:

  • Providing discretion to Limberg Asset Management to use our expertise, knowledge and resources to make investment decisions on your behalf.
  • An efficient way to invest enabling us to execute trades on your portfolio in a timely manner. This will allow us to execute trades on your behalf when timing is critical or price sensitive announcements demand immediate action.
  • Complete transparency is provided by online daily reporting and confirmation of every transaction.
  • Full tax reporting is provided to the client and their accountant.
  • Beneficial ownership of the assets are held by the investor under a holder identification number (HIN) with a broker.
  • Limberg Asset Management can provide customised investment solutions to meet you investment needs.

Download a copy of the Limberg Asset Management MDA Agreement here.



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