Market Commentary – September 2020

Sep 30, 2020

September Quarter Review

The first quarter in the New Financial Year saw the ASX200 trade in a sideways channel closing at 5,816, down 1.4% for the period. Volatility in the Australian market remains high with the frequency of daily movement exceeding 1% proving the rule rather than the exception. The Au

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Market Commentary – June 2020

Jul 13, 2020

Financial Year Review

The financial year 2020 will be one discussed in textbooks for decades. The year started with heighten risks around trade wars between the US and China, but markets breathed a sigh of relieve and pushed on to an all-time high (7,197) as tensions eased around Global trade. The year f

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Market Commentary – March 2020

Mar 31, 2020

Market Commentary

Global markets tumbled over the quarter triggered by the COVID19 pandemic. The outbreak has resulted in the fastest ever Australian stock market crash in history, with the ASX200 index falling near 40% in four weeks from its peak on the 20th of February.