Jun 30, 2022

June Quarter Review

Financial markets fell in the June quarter reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent re-emergence of inflation. Central Banks around the world have countered generating the first of many interest rate increases. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) made its firs

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Dubber (DUB) by the Numbers

May 03, 2022

Last week Dubber released its quarterly update communicating their performance for third quarter financial year 2022 (Q3FY2022). Now, let’s review the key performance statistics Q3FY2022:

  • Adding new customers at an increasing rate, now in excess of 540,000 an increase of 39% on 12 months ago
  • Revenue increased t

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Wisr (WZR) by the Numbers

Apr 28, 2022

Yesterday WZR released its quarterly update conveying current information on the business performance for quarter 3 of financial year 2022 (Q3FY22). As we review the performance metrics for WZR it is important to know how WZR makes money. Simply put WZR makes money by borrowing at one rate and lending those funds at a higher rate. With this in mind we review the key perfor

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FirstWrap Commentary – March 2022 Quarter

Apr 01, 2022

The March quarter has been another volatile quarter. The Australian market and global markets having to contend with several issues that had major impacts on the economy and investment conditions. Among these were weakness in the technology sector, the continued Covid impact and then the Russia invasion of the Ukraine. The ASX started the quarter at 7,594 and has only just

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Mar 31, 2022

March Quarter Review

The March quarter brought the return of Geopolitical risk consequently enhancing inflation concerns for investors. The Russian invasion of the Ukraine prompted an ASX200 selloff of 11.3% from peak to trough, before closing higher by 55 points or less than 0.01% for the quarter

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Dec 31, 2021

December Quarter Review

The December quarter largely traded sideways until a late Christmas rally again challenged record ASX200 highs closing 1.53% higher at 7,445 for the period. The quarter and year have been and will continue to be dominated by pandemic events for some time to come. Central Ba

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Market Commentary – September 2021

Sep 30, 2021

September Quarter Review

The September quarter paused the strong ASX200 rally which again set a record high of 7,633 before softening to close 0.2% higher at 7,332 for the period. The prevailing low interest rates supporting higher asset prices appears to have reached a zenith. The Quarter brought

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Market Commentary – June 2021

Jun 30, 2021

June Quarter Review

The June quarter maintained the strong ASX200 rally recording a new all-time high before easing to close at 7,313, up 7.7% for the period. The continuing themes of low interest rates and Government stimulus fuelling the momentum in prices.