Dubber (DUB) by the Numbers

by Chris Limberg on May 03, 2022

Last week Dubber released its quarterly update communicating their performance for third quarter financial year 2022 (Q3FY2022). Now, let’s review the key performance statistics Q3FY2022:

  • Adding new customers at an increasing rate, now in excess of 540,000 an increase of 39% on 12 months ago
  • Revenue increased to $9.25 million per quarter and accelerating, increasing 40% on 12 months ago
  • Spending less money than previous quarters
  • Launching new complementary products
  • Expanding into new countries
  • Cash in bank of $97.5 million ‘fully funded’

In Dubber’s own summary of the quarter ‘Continued growth in key metrics, reduction in cash outflows, expansion of Total Addressable Market’.

Dubber Customers

Dubber’s customers are telephone service providers like Telstra and Optus in Australia, who are customers. Internationally Dubber boasts some of the biggest telephone service providers and software companies in the world as customers including:

  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Cisco
  • O2
  • AT&T
  • Zoom
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • IBM
  • BT (British Telecom)

Current Position

Dubber has established a market leading position at a time when service provides are looking for unique services to differentiate their products to add value for their customers. With close to $100 million in cash Dubber believe they are fully funded to realise their current growth initiatives.

As of 31 March 2022, 171 and growing service providers have signed a contract to use DUB services. At which time only 117 are being billed for the services provided by DUB. This provides an innate momentum for DUB revenue generation in future quarters.

Future Potential

There is an active global trend towards the capture and use of data. To date telephone service providershave not tappedthe data available in their phone calls. The Dubber call recording and newly released Notes function allows for the capture and generation of unique insights from these untapped sources of data.

Again, we focus on how Dubber makes money. Dubber primarily makes money though call recording software and is busy developing and launching new products. In a world where compliance and accurate records are increasingly important searchable recorded phone calls are an invaluable tool. As to customer acquisition Dubber’s software is embed though contracts within telephone service providers offerings making the product hard to remove once entrench.

Our expectations are for Dubber to be cash positive by end of calendar year 2022 and earning per share positive by calendar year 2023.

Click here to view the Dubber Quarterly Activities Report from the ASX 28 April 2022